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4624 = 24172

4624 has 15 divisors (see below), whose sum is σ = 9517. Its totient is φ = 2176.

The previous prime is 4621. The next prime is 4637. The reversal of 4624 is 4264.

The square root of 4624 is 68.

It is a perfect power (a square), and thus also a powerful number.

4624 is an esthetic number in base 16, because in such base it adjacent digits differ by 1.

It can be written as a sum of positive squares in only one way, i.e., 3600 + 1024 = 60^2 + 32^2 .

It is a Harshad number since it is a multiple of its sum of digits (16).

It is an Ulam number.

It is a d-powerful number, because it can be written as 44 + 211 + 64 + 45 .

It is a Duffinian number.

It is a junction number, because it is equal to n+sod(n) for n = 4598 and 4607.

It is not an unprimeable number, because it can be changed into a prime (4621) by changing a digit.

It is a pernicious number, because its binary representation contains a prime number (3) of ones.

It is a polite number, since it can be written in 2 ways as a sum of consecutive naturals, for example, 264 + ... + 280.

4624 is a Friedman number, since it can be written as (64+4)^2, using all its digits and the basic arithmetic operations.

24624 is an apocalyptic number.

4624 is the 68-th square number.

It is an amenable number.

It is a practical number, because each smaller number is the sum of distinct divisors of 4624

4624 is an abundant number, since it is smaller than the sum of its proper divisors (4893).

It is a pseudoperfect number, because it is the sum of a subset of its proper divisors.

4624 is a wasteful number, since it uses less digits than its factorization.

4624 is an odious number, because the sum of its binary digits is odd.

The sum of its prime factors is 42 (or 19 counting only the distinct ones).

The product of its digits is 192, while the sum is 16.

The cubic root of 4624 is about 16.6599083710.

The spelling of 4624 in words is "four thousand, six hundred twenty-four".

Divisors: 1 2 4 8 16 17 34 68 136 272 289 578 1156 2312 4624