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48024900 = 22345272112

48024900 has 405 divisors, whose sum is σ = 199054317. Its totient is φ = 9979200.

The previous prime is 48024871. The next prime is 48024901. The reversal of 48024900 is 942084.

Multipling 48024900 by its product of nonzero digits (2304), we get a square (110649369600 = 3326402).

Adding to 48024900 its reverse (942084), we get a palindrome (48966984).

48024900 = T181 + T182 + ... + T664.

The square root of 48024900 is 6930.

It is a perfect power (a square), and thus also a powerful number.

48024900 is digitally balanced in base 2, because in such base it contains all the possibile digits an equal number of times.

48024900 is a nontrivial binomial coefficient, being equal to C(9801, 2).

It can be written as a sum of positive squares in only one way, i.e., 17288964 + 30735936 = 4158^2 + 5544^2 .

It is a tau number, because it is divible by the number of its divisors (405).

It is a Harshad number since it is a multiple of its sum of digits (27).

It is not an unprimeable number, because it can be changed into a prime (48024901) by changing a digit.

It is a pernicious number, because its binary representation contains a prime number (13) of ones.

It is a polite number, since it can be written in 134 ways as a sum of consecutive naturals, for example, 4365895 + ... + 4365905.

Almost surely, 248024900 is an apocalyptic number.

48024900 is the 9800-th triangular number and also the 6930-th square number.

It is an amenable number.

It is a practical number, because each smaller number is the sum of distinct divisors of 48024900

48024900 is an abundant number, since it is smaller than the sum of its proper divisors (151029417).

It is a pseudoperfect number, because it is the sum of a subset of its proper divisors.

48024900 is a wasteful number, since it uses less digits than its factorization.

48024900 is an odious number, because the sum of its binary digits is odd.

The sum of its prime factors is 62 (or 28 counting only the distinct ones).

The product of its (nonzero) digits is 2304, while the sum is 27.

The cubic root of 48024900 is about 363.4869497903.

The spelling of 48024900 in words is "forty-eight million, twenty-four thousand, nine hundred".